Fluence Labs builds distributed networks, development tools, components and support systems to allow developers to efficiently and reliably build, operate, maintain, and monetize distributed and decentralized services and applications. An integral component of the Fluence solution is Aquamarine, a programming language enabling peer-to-peer coordination for distributed applications and backends.

Fluence is also developing Marine - a general purpose compute runtime for multi-module WebAssembly applications with WASI support and a shared-nothing linking scheme. FCE allows for the rapid development and deployment of portable Wasm services which can be composed and coordinated with Aquamarine into secure applications. Furthermore, Fluence has implemented innovations at the p2p node level, such as TrustGraph, local development and testing tools, such as Marine-Repl, and support tooling, such as Fluence Distributor.

In combination, Aquamarine and the Fluence runtimes and tools allow developers to avoid the typical peer-to-peer development challenges and accelerate the development and deployment of distributed services and applications.

The remainder of this document introduces a set of incremental, hands-on tutorials developing with Aquamarine on the Fluence stack.

Additional resources and support are available:

Documentation is work in progress and your feedback is extremely valuable and much appreciated. If you have suggestions or unearth errors or inaccuracies, please open an Issue or push a PR.

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