Marine REPL
mrepl is a command line tool to locally run a Marine instance to inspect, run, and test Wasm modules and service configurations. We can run the Repl either with mrepl or marine repl
mbp16~(:|✔) % mrepl
Welcome to the Marine REPL (version 0.7.2)
Minimal supported versions
sdk: 0.6.0
interface-types: 0.20.0
New version is available! 0.7.2 -> 0.7.4
To update run: cargo +nightly install mrepl --force
app service was created with service id = d81a4de5-55c3-4cb7-935c-3d5c6851320d
elapsed time 486.234µs
1> help
n/new [config_path] create a new service (current will be removed)
l/load <module_name> <module_path> load a new Wasm module
u/unload <module_name> unload a Wasm module
c/call <module_name> <func_name> [args] call function with given name from given module
i/interface print public interface of all loaded modules
e/envs <module_name> print environment variables of a module
f/fs <module_name> print filesystem state of a module
h/help print this message
q/quit/Ctrl-C exit
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