Fluence FCE REPL

``fce-repl is a command line tool (CLI) to locally inspect, run, and test module and service configurations making it an invaluable development tool.

mbp16~(:|✔) % fce-repl
Welcome to the FCE REPL (version 0.5.2)
app service was created with service id = 2321fc56-8cb9-497a-8abb-03d04665e1cc
elapsed time 282.52µs
1> help
n/new [config_path] create a new service (current will be removed)
l/load <module_name> <module_path> load a new Wasm module
u/unload <module_name> unload a Wasm module
c/call <module_name> <func_name> [args] call function with given name from given module
i/interface print public interface of all loaded modules
e/envs <module_name> print environment variables of a module
f/fs <module_name> print filesystem state of a module
h/help print this message
q/quit/Ctrl-C exit

Fluence Proto Distributor: FLDIST

``fldist is a command line interface (CLI) to Fluence peers allowing for the lifecycle management of services and offers the fastest and most effective way to service deployment.

mbp16~(:|✔) % fldist --help
Usage: fldist <cmd> [options]
fldist completion generate completion script
fldist upload Upload selected wasm
fldist get_modules Print all modules on a node
fldist get_interfaces Print all services on a node
fldist get_interface Print a service interface
fldist add_blueprint Add a blueprint
fldist create_service Create a service from existing blueprint
fldist new_service Create service from a list of modules
fldist deploy_app Deploy application
fldist create_keypair Generates a random keypair
fldist run_air Send an air script from a file. Send arguments to
"returnService" back to the client to print them in the
console. More examples in "scripts_examples" directory.
fldist env show nodes in currently selected environment
--help Show help [boolean]
--version Show version number [boolean]
-s, --seed Client seed [string]
--env Environment to use
[required] [choices: "dev", "testnet", "local"] [default: "testnet"]
--node-id, --node PeerId of the node to use
--node-addr Multiaddr of the node to use
--log log level
[required] [choices: "trace", "debug", "info", "warn", "error"] [default:
--ttl particle time to live in ms
[number] [required] [default: 60000]

Fluence JS SDK

The Fluence JS SDK supports developers to build full-fledged applications for a variety of targets ranging from browsers to backend apps and greatly expands on the fldist capabilities.