Fluence Proto Distributor: FLDIST

fldist is a command line interface (CLI) to Fluence peers allowing for the lifecycle management of services and offers the fastest and most effective way to service deployment.

mbp16~(:|✔) % fldist --help
Usage: fldist <cmd> [options]
fldist completion generate completion script
fldist upload Upload selected wasm
fldist get_modules Print all modules on a node
fldist get_interfaces Print all services on a node
fldist get_interface Print a service interface
fldist add_blueprint Add a blueprint
fldist create_service Create a service from existing blueprint
fldist new_service Create service from a list of modules
fldist deploy_app Deploy application
fldist create_keypair Generates a random keypair
fldist run_air Send an air script from a file. Send arguments to
"returnService" back to the client to print them in the
console. More examples in "scripts_examples" directory.
fldist env show nodes in currently selected environment
--help Show help [boolean]
--version Show version number [boolean]
-s, --seed Client seed [string]
--env Environment to use
[required] [choices: "dev", "testnet", "local"] [default: "testnet"]
--node-id, --node PeerId of the node to use
--node-addr Multiaddr of the node to use
--log log level
[required] [choices: "trace", "debug", "info", "warn", "error"] [default:
--ttl particle time to live in ms
[number] [required] [default: 60000]

Fluence JS

The Fluence JS supports developers to build full-fledged applications for a variety of targets ranging from browsers to backend apps and greatly expands on the fldist capabilities.

Marine Tools

Marine offers multiple tools including the Marine CLI, REPL and SDK. Please see the Marine section for more detail.