Fluence is a peer-to-peer application platform which allows the creation of applications free of proprietary cloud providers or centralized APIs. Fluence provides a peer-to-peer development stack so that you can program p2p applications, workflows, and compose services, APIs without relying on centralized intermediaries. The Fluence stack is 100% open source and maintained and governed by a community of developers.
The Fluence platform allows developers to create distributed services from Wasm Interface Type (IT) modules which can be deployed to one or more peers and composed into protocols and applications with Fluence's Aqua language.
We've chosen Wasm in the Fluence Labs as the main building mechanism for services because it allows us to
  • flexible resources control
  • sandbox modules by design
  • use heterogeneous runtime with support of any language compiled to Wasm
  • simple, but featurefull composition between modules
  • make lifecycles of modules are independent on each other
The Marine ecosystem provides developers with the necessary Wasm development, testing, and runtime tools.
Overview of using Wasm at Fluence
This book is dedicated to all things in Marine and currently in its alpha version, stay in touch or contact us via the following channels:
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